The Dam Dock Company

Barging and Relocation

We specialize in the relocation of floating structures. The Dam Dock Company has the proper equipment to transport your new or used dock or lift and install it at your new location anywhere on the Lake of the Ozarks.

If you need to have your dock moved away from Lake of the Ozarks we can do that too. We have the space and ability to quarantine your dock before transporting to the new lake.  

New Dock Construction




Additions and Modifications

Welding and


Sea Walls and 

Rip Rap

Mad Water Hinge

What our customers are saying

I am a property manager dealing with vacation rentals. When I have a problem with a dock or lift, Tom is always there. He does quality work and knows what to do to rectify the problem. I highly recommend The Dam Dock Company!

Tom Hill