The Dam Dock Company

Mad ​Wa​​ter Hinge

The Mad Water Hinge is a revolutionary hinge made for the wear and tear on boat docks. Designed, engineered and patented by Tom Howard.  Tom has been building and repairing docks at Lake of the Ozarks for 30 years and developed the Mad Water Hinge to sustain the beating our docks take during the busy summer months.  

Benefits of Mad Water Hinge

The Mad Water Hinge plate replaces standard dog ear hinges that connect your ramp to the shore and your ramp to the dock.  

  • Reduce annual maintenance and cost:  Depending on the beating your dock takes, the bolts on a dog eared hinge may have to be replaced every year or two, costing up to $500 each time.  With the Mad Water Hinge there are no bolts to replace. Ever. Saving you thousands of dollars over just a few years in addition to the time to deal with the annual maintenance. 
  • 10X Stronger:  The Mad Water Hinge in ten times stronger than the standard ramp hinge. 
  • Noise Reduction: There is no creaking noise with the Mad Water Hinge. 
  • Customized:  Mad Water Hinges are made to your specifications in terms of size and even color.