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Sea Walls and Rip Rap

Concrete seawalls are constructed using large blocks on concrete that are poured in place. Concrete seawall repair starts with building walls that are typically anchored deep into the soil either via digging a deep foundation or using piles that are sunk into the soil until they reach the bedrock.

Large cobble and boulder seawalls look similar to the decorative rock walls you might see inland. These are extremely aesthetically pleasing. They are built using large rocks and boulders that are held together with mortar. Large cobble and boulder seawalls are great for properties that see light to moderate wave action.

Riprap seawalls are a combination of large and small boulders and chunks of concrete. When you view a shoreline that’s been reinforced with riprap, it often looks like well-placed white and gray rocks with various grasses and plant life growing in and around the rocks. 

Riprap can also be used to reinforce the bases of older seawalls. These seawalls are great for preventing soil erosion in areas that see light to moderate wave action during storms.

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I am a property manager dealing with vacation rentals. When I have a problem with a dock or lift, Tom is always there. He does quality work and knows what to do to rectify the problem. I highly recommend The Dam Dock Company!

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